Legal Templates

1-Hour Consultation Package$800.00
15-Minute Consultation$200.00
20+ Consent Package for Botox, Filler, and Other Treatments$999.00
20+ Pre and Post Procedure Instructions Template for Botox, Filler, and Other Treatments$899.00
2024 Resource Guide$1,499.00
3-Hour Small Project Package$2,200.00
6-Hour Medium Project Package$4,000.00
Aesthetician Employment Agreement$999.00
Aesthetician Independent Contractor Agreement$899.00
Influencer Contract$499.00
Injector Employment Agreement$999.00
Injector Independent Contractor Agreement$899.00
Management Services Agreement (MSA)$2,999.00
Med Spa Treatment Procedures and Protocols for Over 30 Treatments$1,499.00
Medical Director Contract$999.00
Membership Agreement$899.00
Microneedling Consent Template (with or without Exosome Therapy)$499.00
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template$599.00
Training Reimbursement Contract$999.00
Virtual Or In-Person Good Faith Exam Template$1,499.00