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What Equipment Should I Purchase for my Medical Spa?

If you’re considering opening your spa, but you’re not sure what you’ll need to purchase before starting – it can be confusing. There is no standard inventory list when purchasing equipment for your medical spa, and it all depends on what treatments you’ll be providing. 

No matter what you’ll be administering, first and foremost you’ll need furniture to fill the space. This means waiting room furniture (things like a reception desk, chairs for clients to wait in, any small decorations) treatment chairs and tables for the treatment room(s), mayo stands for your products and supplies during the procedure, a fridge to store your Botox and more. 

Take a look at the kind of treatments you offer, and see what is necessary for you for each treatment. Try to avoid purchasing too many things at first. If you offer spa treatments like facials, you would likely need a facial bed. However if you don’t offer spa services, you would probably only need treatment chairs for other services. You’ll need supplies for your treatments as well. This will be things like syringes, rubbing alcohol, gauze, sterile gloves, sharps containers, and more.  Two popular vendors for these things are McKesson and Henry Schein.

Then comes the product. This is the #1 piece of equipment you’ll need, and probably the most expensive. Treatments and product offerings vary widely from spa to spa, depending on your target market and clientele. Your Allergan products like Botox and Juvederm Dermal Fillers will be at the top of the list for client demand, followed very closely by Dysport and Restylane Dermal Fillers from Galderma. These are the most basic (and popular) treatments offered at medical spas. It’s almost a requirement you offer these products to be considered a medical spa.

From there, you can decide on additional treatments you’d like to offer and the supplies you’ll need for them. If you’re interested in the skincare demographic, you might want to offer Laser Photo Facials (for which you’ll need to purchase the Laser) or Microneedling treatments (for which you’ll need to purchase the pen and individual tips for treatment as well.) 

You’ll need office supplies as well. In every industry you’ll have typical business expenses like computers, paper, pens, and the smaller things that all add up. While the equipment investment can be expensive (you’re looking at $125,000 or more) it’s more than worth it. Equipment isn’t the only thing you’ll be spending money on when it comes to your spa: read more about how much it costs to open a medical spa here.


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