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Monthly MembershipAnnual Membership
(Best Value)
Prices Without Membership
Price$499/month billed monthly$449/month billed annually$5,500 upfront retainer
DescriptionOur Monthly Membership is great for a medical spa already in existence that just has occasional legal questions or small legal projects.Our Annual Membership is great for a medical spa that is looking to get started, or for an existing medical spa that has a couple of projects or growth plans.Our non-membership price is usually enough for a medical spa to get started, become compliant, or handle a few unique projects for an existing medical business.
Legal Hours1hr of legal services monthly*
(regularly up to $700/hr)
About 12-22 hours of legal services per year depending on attorney rates*
Includes a savings of 10% on all attorney rates**
About 10-20 hours of legal services depending on attorney rates**
Included templates3 templates per month)75+ templates75+ templates (initial templates + 3 templates per month)
Text, call or email our team
Additional discounts5% off additional legal services10% off additional legal servicesX
Yearly compliance checklistXX
Yearly state compliance legal filing***XX
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$499 one-time initiation fee. Memberships are paid on the first of the month via ACH. 12 month minimum term, 30 days notice required to cancel. Does not roll over. **Rates vary. ***Filing fees are charged separately. Memberships may not be shared among medical spa locations; each location needs it’s own membership.