For most med spas, autumn is the busiest season. That means it’s almost time to replace poolside margaritas, strappy sandals, and summer heat with pumpkin spice lattes, booties, and getting down to business.


Why the Summer is Slower


Generally, the medical spa industry slows in the summer. The biggest reason is that people prefer to spend their summer time on vacation instead of budgeting for spa services. Travel plans also make it difficult to keep up with regular appointments or commit to a long-term treatment plan.


For clients who visit a med spa as part of their regular upkeep, taking a break from work can also mean taking a break from their looks. This is especially so if work usually involves many hours of Zoom meetings, which have been shown to contribute to the growing demand for med spa services. 


Instead of trying to wrangle clients, summer is a good time for reaching out to consultants or legal advisors to iron out any nitty-gritty business formalities that you’ve been keeping on the back burner. At Lengea, we can help provide you with a compliance checklist for your state to ensure that there are no legal issues in the way your business has been operating. The beginning of fall is the perfect time for fine-tuning your business when you are not flooded with clientele.


Why Business Picks Back Up in the Fall


In the fall, people return from vacations and summer destinations to get back into their usual routines. Looking good for work is obviously a priority, but people will also already be thinking about preparing for the social engagements of the winter holidays. Shopping for a dress goes  hand-in-hand with putting together a fresh face. Recovering from more in-depth procedures and laser treatments is preferable in the fall and winter months, as hunkering down at home, out of the sun, and wearing clothing with more coverage is completely normal.  


After the relaxed attitudes of summer, fall is a time of renewal. A feeling of freshness invigorates people’s schedules. New school terms and fiscal calendars pair well with new goals for weight loss and body contouring.


At Lengea, we often counsel new businesses who are in the process of starting and assist them in having everything up and running before the fall so that they do not miss out on this important opportunity for business flow. 


Things You Should Do To Prepare for Fall


In advance of a busy season, there are a few tips for making sure a business is well-prepared to handle an influx of clients. Give attention to employment issues, such as performance evaluations, staff shortages, and upcoming leaves of absence.  Consider hiring additional staff to cover the busy season. Stock up on inventory and equipment so that you are prepared to handle a high number of appointments without running into shortages. 


Check with your clinical staff and medical supervisors to make sure that no one has upcoming vacations or plans that would interfere with the most in-demand services you offer. Plan your marketing strategy and social media posts and reach out to regular clients so that you have a head start on seeing how full your schedule will be. Make sure your vendor payments are up to date and that you have no outstanding bills or deadlines that would be a threat to your continued operation. Check that all equipment is in working order and that nothing on the premises needs to be serviced. 


At Lengea, we offer negotiation strategies and contract review for loan documents, so that you can be prepared to handle all the new business that walks through your door. 


Things You Should Do Next Year to Have a Busier Summer


Despite seasonal trends, there are some tricks to beat the summer slump. First, you can offer a special sale on packages or a one-day-a-week discount. A package deal on 10 treatments in the summer months, or a “Facial Friday” at 50% off every Friday in the summer, can incentivize clients to make time in their schedules for you. You may also consider combining summer sales with gift certificate redemption by offering discounted add-ons to new clients who come to redeem a gift certificate.  


Also, keep in mind that certain services such as  botox and waxing are often considered year-round expenditures and are not affected by seasonal factors. A good tip is to research your competitors so that you are aware of what deals are out there in your area and what needs you can help to fill in. If you still have downtime, use the breathing room in your schedule to reach out to lost clients, update and plan your social media campaigns, and do maintenance work on your premises so that you look fresh when you welcome back your clients. 


At Lengea, we offer a complimentary business plan template to clients so that you can work the market trends to your advantage by planning your next moves in advance. 


Enjoy these last few weeks of focusing on the more detailed parts of your business.