General Questions

We make it easy to get in touch with us. Click here to schedule a free 15-Minute Initial Zoom Consultation, text or call 6463960804, or email info@lengealaw.com.
The best time to hire us is a few months before you plan to open. Before hiring anyone or buying anything, we will form the correct business entities (LLCs, etc.) for you to track business expenses and help shield you from liability. We will also help you select physical locations and equipment to purchase and review your contracts for these crucial purchases.

If you have already started your business, we can help you to make sure everything is set up correctly, and all of the needed contracts, licenses, permits, insurance, and SOPs are in place.
All of the above. We love technology and are available to our clients through email, phone call, and video conferencing. You can also text us on our firm phone line at (646) 396-0804. Once you are our client, you can schedule an appointment with our team at any time via a secure link.
Our premium membership is the best option for a medical spa or other healthcare business that is just starting. This membership option includes $6,000 in prepaid legal hours plus access to our 100+ complimentary templates for consents, standard operating procedures, social media contracts, HIPAA policies, and more. If your business were to need additional legal hours, they are provided with a 15% off discount.

You can also upgrade your membership to a higher tier by emailing info@lengealaw.com.
We have attorneys licensed in many states and work as outside general counsel for our clients in many others. We could guide you on business and healthcare compliance and formation. For states where we do not have a licensed attorney, we work with local counsel as appropriate for particular issues.
We have helped form and advise over 700 healthcare practices in the United States. We have unique experience both as healthcare lawyers and as healthcare practice owners.
No, it is preferred that you work with Lengea before setting up your LLC so that we can support you through the process and offer our suggestions and recommendations should you decide to file it yourself and ensure it is correctly filed.
One of the most common questions is how much to budget when opening a medical spa. The cost of opening a medical spa can vary dramatically. Factors affecting the investment needed include location, space, procedures, staff, local regulations, and equipment. In many states, you could start a medical spa or an IV hydration business with a single injector and a rented room in a shared space. Alternatively, you can lease a building, do a large-scale renovation, purchase lasers, and employ multiple practitioners. The average business cost to start a medical spa is between $50,000 and $300,000.

Knowing your state regulations about the scope of practice for your practitioners is vital to figuring out staffing costs. You will need a prescriber (a Physician, PA, or NP can be used depending on state law) to do the initial good-faith exam and write the treatment plan. IN MOST STATES, an RN can perform treatments like Botox, IV hydration, or fillers. An effective cost-cutting practice for startups is a contract with a prescriber who comes in one day a week to perform a batch of these initial good-faith exams or use an outsourced good-faith exams provider. Afterward, an RN or other qualified practitioner can do the actual treatments.

We also have a medical practice budget, compensation budget, and business plan templates available to our clients.
No, and it is actually better if you do not. It is OK to have a medical director in mind before signing on but it is best to have an attorney working for you to set up your contracts to ensure your MD arrangement is set up correctly and your business entity is in proper form before finalizing a medical director.

However, if you already have a medical director in place, that is ok too; we will make sure your setup with your medical director is compliant.

We also have complimentary lists of potential medical directors available for our clients as a resource if you need help to locate a medical director, can help you with a job posting to search for a medical director, and can also refer you to a medical director matching service.
Finding a medical director can be one of the most challenging parts of starting your med spa. Here at Lengea, we offer our clients access to a list of potential medical directors licensed in their state. In addition, we recommend other services that can be used to assist you with this process.

Working with a medical director with training and experience in supervising the procedures you perform at your business is essential.

Some states have geographic restrictions, residency requirements, and board certification and specialty requirements for who can be a medical director, while other states do not.

In many states, the medical director may be required to be physically on-site to supervise.
It is hard to give an exact amount of time as timing will vary from state to state, depending on requirements. It could be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team for a more detailed answer based on your state’s requirements.
Good faith exams establish a relationship between your patients and your medical spa. They are usually needed the first time a patient is seen and at least once a year after that. A medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant may perform these exams. We encourage you to consult with an attorney to confirm before hiring someone to work in your medical spa or provide good-faith exams for your patients.
We recommend having general liability and professional malpractice insurance for medical spas. We can further advise you on insurance limits and exclusions once you retain us as your legal counsel.
It depends on which entity is covered and the coverage exclusions. We can discuss the different options and the best way to structure this once you retain us as your legal counsel.
If you ever receive notice of an investigation, your first step should be to contact an attorney. Whether the one you currently have on retainer or a new one, an attorney will know best the legal procedures to follow. Our team of attorneys is experienced in handling board investigations and can help you every step of the way.
Yes, as part of our work for you, we can trademark your business name and logo and discuss other ways to protect your business’s intellectual property. Membership discounts do not apply to governmental filings such as trademarks.
We will provide templates, help you customize them, and review any protocols you put together for their legal effectiveness. Your medical director, or another qualified healthcare provider, should review all medical aspects of the protocols for their medical accuracy.
Yes, we will provide templates we can customize for your needs. You can purchase our pre- and post-treatment instructions separately or sign up for our Lengea Law Membership and receive access to them as part of the membership.
We would be happy to discuss this, as it is a financial and accounting issue as well as a legal one.
Your current LLC may be able to be used as an MSO. We are happy to discuss this further in a consultation.
Specific consents are preferable. We can explain further and provide templates once you retain us as legal counsel.
It depends on the state where you are forming your medical business and whether you are a medical professional, nurse practitioner, or another licensed or unlicensed professional.
If they have their malpractice, that works. If they insist you cover it, many MSOs add medical directors to their insurance. We can explain further and provide recommendations once you retain us as legal counsel.
Start small. Focus on a few essential procedures. Make sure that your legal structure is correct.
We can help you respond to complaints made to all of the different boards and the FDA.
Our legal team has worked with over 700 healthcare businesses from inception to sale. We look forward to sharing how our 55+ years of combined experience can help you. To see our story, visit https://lengealaw.com/about-us/.
Because Lengea is a relationship-based firm, we frequently have success working with customers seeking a long-term attorney-client connection. Please contact us via call 6463960804 or via email at info@lengealaw.com. to arrange a consultation so that we can determine whether we are the right fit for you.
When a matter is outside our expertise, we are pleased to recommend someone to you as soon as possible. We offer many connections to insurance, marketing, software, office design, sales training, etc., to our clients.
Contact us at (646) 396-0804 or info@lengealaw.com if you have any questions. Speak with your membership team if you are a member.
First, as part of our relationship, we promote effective communication. Please let us know if you have an emergency so we can set priorities. We aim to answer all client inquiries within two business days.
All of the attorneys in our firm work as a cohesive team, each with expertise in multiple areas. Your principal contacts will be a team ofare two attorneys. Depending on the problem, they might enlist the aid of another lawyer. We've discovered that having a strong, multi-faceted legal team benefits our clients.
We are a collaborative law firm and will use the most appropriate person to help with various projects, so you will have the opportunity to interact with multiple team members.
Typically as a business grows and hires people, adds services, buys equipment, adds rooms or locations, regulations change, etc., the legal needs of the business continue and expand.
No, The MSO structure we will set up for you is evergreen - meaning you only have to change it if your business changes.

Membership Questions

Our memberships are based on a subscription model and require a membership term in exchange for the various discounts and membership perks you receive. The retainer is a direct payment of hours, and you only pay for what you use, but you do not get any complimentary templates or discounts on rates.

Our Mini Membership includes up to 1 hour of services per month, our Proprietary Resource Guide, and an additional 5% savings on attorney rates if you need extra hours. This level can receive up to three templates from our library a month.

With the Basic Membership, you receive $5,000+ in prepaid hours and the ability to purchase extra hours at 5% off. You invest $409 per month, billed annually, plus a one-time initiation fee of $499. This level can receive up to 20 templates in 12 months from our library.

With the Premium Membership, you get $6,000 in prepaid hours and can purchase additional hours at 15% off. The Premium Membership includes the Yearly Compliance Checklist, the Yearly State Compliance Filing, and responses to board investigations if needed. You invest $449/month, billed annually ($5,388), with a one-time initiation fee of $499. This level is entitled to full access to our template library from the start of membership.
The Mini Membership is built for small practices with no employees and includes just one hour per month of legal services.

If your med spa is growing, hiring new people, buying equipment, or expanding services, the Basic Membership is a good option.

The Premium Membership is our best value for medical spas and healthcare practices of all sizes or those buying or selling a healthcare practice. The Premium Membership includes the Yearly Compliance Checklist, the Yearly State Compliance Filing, and responses to board investigations if needed.
No, the memberships come with prepaid hours as part of the membership. However, additional fees will be incurred if your needs go beyond those prepaid hours.
Yes, the mini membership includes one prepaid hour per month with 5% off additional services, the basic membership includes $5000 in prepaid hours per year with 5% off additional services, and the premium membership comes with about $6000 of prepaid legal hours and a 15% discount on any extra legal hours you may choose to get.
The Basic Membership has enough hours to set up most MSO/MSA arrangements.
There is no annual legal cost to maintain an MSO aside from any required annual or bi-annual entity filings. As your business grows, typically, you will start hiring people, expanding services, buying machines, signing more contracts, etc. The legal hours included in the membership will be used for that. Our membership was designed to be your outside general counsel - the legal team you always have on call if your business is expanding, hiring people, buying equipment, opening new locations, or facing an issue.

To become a Premium Member, sign up here: https://lengea.recurly.com/subscribe/annual.
Yes, email us at info@lengealaw.com to set that up. Our other membership types cannot be divided into multiple payment methods.
Yes, the memberships automatically renew unless you notify Sara at sara.shikhman@lengealaw.com with at least 30 days’ notice before your renewal date that you don't want to continue.
It is a recurring charge on the method of payment used to sign on.
You can upgrade by signing up for the premium membership online, and then all future bills plus the one already due from services performed on the 1st of that calendar month will get the annual membership discount. For example, if you upgrade to a yearly membership on April 20th, the services performed April 1-20th will also get a 15% discount.

If you are already a mini member in good standing when you upgrade to the premium membership, your $499 enrollment fee for the premium membership will be used as a bill credit on a future invoice.
You can add hours at a discount at the mini and basic membership and receive 5% off all your Lengea hours billed. You can add hours at the premium membership discount and receive 15% off your Lengea hours billed.
All of our memberships require a minimum 1-year period and are non-refundable.
Hours are calculated using an hourly billing system. Hourly billing is the most common way attorneys charge for their time. Clients are billed in tenths of an hour (0.1/10) for the time spent on their matter at a rate specific to each team member. Our team member rates are based on experience level, ranging from $250 to $850/hour. Memberships provide discounts off of these hourly rates.

As your legal team, we bill for the time spent on your matter, including communication and review time. Team members will log their time and describe what they were doing in our time management software. Common time entries on your bill include time entries for meetings with you, reviewing and responding to emails and other communications, research, drafting and reviewing legal documents, etc. Bi-monthly, these time entries will be invoiced and shared with you so you may track the time used and what remains in either your retainer or prepaid membership hours.
Yes, that would be a $4,000 retainer, and you can take care of that by clicking on Pay My Retainer in the top right corner of our website and putting $4,000 in the amount field on the next page. Please note this option does not come with complimentary templates or hourly rate discounts and is simply a prepayment of hours.