Daxxify is a new FDA-approved neuromodulator by Revance Therapeutics (“Revance”) designed to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Daxxify differs from Botox and other botulinum toxin injectables, like Xeomin, Juveau, and Dysport, in that it is designed to work faster and last longer. 

Daxxify differs from its competitors in its formulation. It doesn’t use proteins or additives to stabilize it like other botulinum toxin injectables. It is instead coated with a peptide that acts like double-sided tape to keep it in place. This also lets it bind faster to your nerve receptors and last longer. Revance advertises that people will notice a major decrease in movement in two days with Daxxify, versus the usual 5-7 days with Botox and other injectables. Daxxify is advertised to wear off after six months, in comparison to the three to four months of other injectables.

Initially, Revance was setting the price per unit for Daxxify higher than other botulinum toxin injectables due to the longer and more effective results. Now, Revance has stated they are reducing the costs of Daxxify to be “priced competitively with Botox” and to “accelerate market share expansion.”

The botulinum toxin injectable market is currently led by Botox which is manufactured by AbbVie. Botox has over 60% of the market share. By reducing prices, Revance hopes to make Daxxify the new front runner, allowing clients and providers to make an easy transition from other injectables to Daxxify. New prices went into effect on September 1st of 2023. This may be a good opportunity for anyone who has been contemplating branching out to include Daxxify in their services. The faster acting, longer lasting product may help give your spa an edge over your competitors in terms of client satisfaction. 

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